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    De-Energise/Re-Energise Supply
    When you are looking to temporarily de-energise your supply to complete other work we can complete this work.  This can only be for a maximum interruption of 72 consecutive hours. This job may be chargeable.
    Electric Meter Box Repair
    We do not supply replacement meter boxes, as they are technically the home owners responsibility. We will attempt to repair one if damaged, however if not repairable the customer will need to purchase a new one. The depot will then arrange for an engineer fit this for you (photo is requested on this job). This job is not chargeable.
    Faulty Cut Out Fuse Change (Non Urgent)
    If it has been noted that the property's existing cut out fuse is faulty, but isn’t dangerous, we will replace the cut out fuse with one of identical capacity. We will not increase the size of the cut out fuse when replacing. This job is not chargeable.
    Live/Dead Check
    We will attend in order to assess whether or not there is a live supply of electricity to the cut out fuse at the property. This job is not chargeable.
    Meter Board Change
    If the meter board is damaged or missing and our equipment is attached to it (cut out fuse or power cable), we will investigate this. On some occasions, the customer may need to purchase a meter board and the local depot will arrange for this to be fitted (photo is requested on this job). This job is not chargeable.
    Over Head Line Height Assessment
    If the customer is planning to carry out building work or drive tall vehicles under our overhead cables, we will attend site and ensure that they are at a correct and safe height for the works underneath or around. This job may be chargeable.
    Pole and Stay Assessment/Leaning Pole/Moving or Missing Stay
    We will assess how secure and safe the pole and its support is. This job is not chargeable.
    Protective Multiple Earthing
    We will arrange for an engineer to attend site to see if your property can be connected up to our earthing network (PME) without making any alterations to our network. We will also check if the cut out fuse fitted to the property can accommodate connection to PME by a qualified electrician. This job is not chargeable.
    Re-fit Bracket
    If your power cable is attached to a bracket that has a screw missing or is coming away from the property, we will attend site and re-fix the bracket (unless deemed an emergency job). This job is not chargeable.
    Repair Meter Box Door
    We can supply replacement meter box doors. We will attempt to repair one if damaged, however if not repairable the depot will arrange for an engineer to fit a new one for you (photo is requested on this job). This job is not chargeable.
    Shrouding for Tree Cutting
    If the over head power cables are close to where the trees need to be cut, we can arrange for shrouding to be placed on the overhead cable. This job is not chargeable. 
    Shrouding on Overhead Cables for Scaffolding to be Erected
    If scaffolding is being erected at a property and it is within close proximity of the power cables, we can look at placing some shrouding on the overhead cables as a safety sleeve. Once the works are complete and scaffolding has been dis-assembled, the shrouding can be removed. This job is not chargeable.
    Substation Access
    If a third party requires access to our substation (eg they have equipment inside), the local depot will arrange for access to be granted. This job is not chargeable.
    Substation Clearance – Rubbish, Vegetation, etc.
    If it is a substation that we are responsible for, we will attend if we receive a report of rubbish (sofa, general waste, etc) or over grown vegetation. This job is not chargeable.
    Substation Repair
    If we receive a report that a substation we are responsible for needs to be repaired (broken gate, fence, locks, etc), we will arrange for one of our specialists to attend and carry out the repairs required. This job is not chargeable.
    Temporary Isolation of Network
    This can be arranged for customers, however, we may have to take other properties or supplies in to consideration. This job may be chargeable.
    Tree Cutting
    We can arrange for a tree cutter or Arborist to attend site in order to inspect the tree(s). If they are touching the over head lines, we do not guarantee that we will trim/cut the tree(s) as we would need to assess the work required first. We DO NOT remove trees and if we are going to trim a tree, we will carry out a five year cut. This job is not chargeable.
    Underground Cable Assessment/Cable Trace
    If a customer is building an extension or erecting a fence, they may wish to have an underground cable assessment carried out to make sure no cables are within the area of works. This job is not chargeable.
  • Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks has a dedicated team dealing with non-emergency electricity network jobs for central southern England and northern Scotland. These jobs range from shrouding overhead power cables in order to protect people working near our power lines, to using specialist detection equipment to locate underground electricity cables so that those cables can be worked around safely.

    Our friendly and knowledgeable team can answer a wide variety of questions relating to the electricity network as well as offer useful advice and suggestions to customers. We take the safety of our customers seriously, so whether you need to have your power switched off for less than 3 days, or you need to check whether or not a cable is live, please contact our General Enquiries Team.

    Listed on this page are the main jobs that we can help you with. Should you have a query about our network or any job which is not listed, please feel free to contact us. You should be aware that some of these jobs may be chargeable depending on the level of work required.

  • Single Emergency Number - 105
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