Connection offer expenses

In 2018 we introduced a change to how we recover the costs we incur for preparing a Connection Quotation, making the cost of connections fairer for all. 
Picture shows; linesman working on overhead lines
  • What is an MPAN?

    The MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is a unique 13-digit reference that identifies each electricity supply point. Click here to find out more as well as download our additional resources.
  • Connections useful documents

    You can find all the documents you may need when connecting to our network as well as offline application forms and general information on our network involving electricity connections.
  • Legal consents and agreements

    The term land rights are used as a collective term to cover the acquisition of property rights, such as Freehold and Leasehold interests, Easements/Servitudes, or Wayleaves. There are 4 types of Land Rights we can obtain, click here to find out what they are.
  • You have a choice

    Just because we own the network doesn’t mean you have to accept a quotation from us. There are other companies out there who can carry out many aspects of the work. If you need a new connection in an area where we own the electricity network, you have a choice.
  • G81 Library

    You can find and download all our G81 documents and view them on our secure portal here. To view these you will need to create an account with us.
  • Local authority and community energy groups

    We pride ourselves on not just working in our communities but being a part of them. Our focus on people helps us understand the needs of our communities, delivering the best service possible - no excuses.
  • Tools and maps

    Our tools and maps can help you throughout the new connections process.
  • Connections Refund Policy

    Find out more about our connections refund policy.