• Our stakeholder engagement strategy

    Our mission is to deliver engagement that is purposeful, accessible, and dynamic, using insight and collaborative partnerships to achieve positive and tangible outcomes for customers, stakeholders and society.
  • Helping our vulnerable customers

    Our consumer vulnerability strategy is built on championing the individual needs of our customers and striving to provide an excellent service, wherever they live, whenever they need us, and whatever their requirements might be.
  • Stakeholder events

    Find out about upcoming events and engagement opportunities where you can get involved and give feedback.
  • Reports and publications

    View our stakeholder publications and reports where we have provided updates on the initiatives we are working on with our stakeholders and the actions we are taking as a result of stakeholder consultations and feedback.
  • Stakeholder panels

    Our Stakeholder Advisory Panel (SAP) is a formal and unique part of our overall governance model. Providing a vital role in advising and stimulating debate on business matters from the sole perspective of the stakeholder.
  • AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard

    We engage with our stakeholders in line with AccountAbility's AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standards. This is a principle-based framework, used globally to demonstrate leadership and performance in accountability, responsibility, and sustainability.

Incentive on Connections Engagement

Find out what we have committed to delivering in this regulatory year, or take a look at our previous reports.

Power change by connecting with us - Register as a Stakeholder

You can register as a Stakeholder by visiting our dedicated engagement portal here. 

Do you have a question?

If you would like to speak with a member of our Stakeholder Engagement team about anything on our website or simply have a question send us an email to stakeholder.engagement@sse.com.