Interested in installing a heat pump? 

We recommend speaking to an electrician or installer to see if your home wiring is sufficient to support an electric vehicle charger or a ground source heat pump, or if you need to apply for an upgrade or new connection. 
Your installer should have completed an Adequacy of Supply Assessment. If your supply is adequate for the charging point, your installer can notify us of the installation by downloading the Application form for the installation of low carbon technologies and returning it to

Before you apply 

You will need to provide: 

  • the details of the heat pump you’re looking to install 
  • the details of any existing heat pumps at your address
  • the maximum demand
  • the supply capacity / cut out rating - If the cut-out rating is unknown or uncertain, it can be determined by raising an enquiry with us. The supply capacity MUST be confirmed with SSEN where the maximum demand is greater than the cut-out rating or where the new maximum demand is >60A (13.8kVA single phase) for residential properties.   
    If the cut-out rating is unknown, you can send us a photo of your cut-out with your application. Please do not open the cut-out unless authorised to do so. Further Guidance on cut-out ratings is available on the ENA website.
  • Adequacy of supply - An ‘adequacy of the supply’ assessment is required prior to installing any electrical device. The DNO must be contacted in advance of installation where there is an identified issue with adequacy or a safety concern with the premises existing service equipment. 


Providing your application is fully and correctly completed: 
Installers can connect their device(s) and notify us using the application form within 28 days of the installation.  
If you are submitting a maximum demand application between 60-100a, we will assess the supply capacity within 10 working days of receiving the fully completed form. Timescales for Maximum demand > 100a are as per the Electricity Distribution License  / Electricity Guaranteed Standards of Performance Regulations 2010 (GSoP) 

Our Heat Strategy

The UK and Scottish Governments have set ambitious targets to rapidly increase heat pump and zero-emission heating system installations in the coming decade. SSEN is committed to ensuring this transition is managed in a fair manner for the households, businesses and communities it serves. As a Distribution Network Operator (DNO), SSEN’s responsibility is to ensure a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity. In the transition to net zero this means investing in our network and investigating smart solutions to accommodate the extensive electrification required to meet the UK’s decarbonisation targets. 

Multiple heat pump connections

If you're an installer, you can use our online form to submit multiple heat pump applications at one time.
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Apply to connect your heat pump.

  • Apply online

    Apply online to connect your heat pump
  • Download

    Download the ENA Application Form for the Installation of Low Carbon Technologies. When completed, please send to along with any relevant documentation.

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