Why would I need electricity cable protection (shrouding)?

Shrouding or electricity cable protection is used to protect our overhead cables so that you can safely carry out work on your property if our overhead electricity cables are in the way.

In some cases we may not be able to install overhead electricity cable protection (shrouding), but our teams will work with you to find the safest solution to carry out your work.

This is free of charge and our engineers can install and remove this for you when needed. 

Why would I need this work?

Working on your roof
Erecting Scaffolding
Cutting trees and bushes
Building and extension/annex

Before you apply, you will need:

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If you're ready and would like to apply for shrouding, click here to go to our online request form and our teams will do the rest.

Do you need to speak to us?

If you need to speak to our team, you can reach us on the following email: ge@ssen.co.uk