Land Rights

There are 4 types of Land Rights we can obtain:


SSEN would prefer a freehold interest in the land where a Substation is to be built, for example, a Housing Development. The land would then be owned by SSEN  and the Title would be registered at HM Land Registry / Registers of Scotland. The transfer would also include associated rights of access and appropriate for underground cables etc. 


Where it is not possible to obtain a freehold interest, SSEN would consider a leasehold interest. The Lease will include associated electrical lines. The title would be registered with HM Land Registry / Registers of Scotland and held by SSEN.


Deeds of Easements/servitudes provide SSEN with increased security for equipment, as we acquire permanent rights to the land. This minimises any future problems with the location of equipment, ensuring we can keep our customers supplied with electricity into the future. The deed associated with this form of consent is registered in the Land Register

Wayleave Agreement

A Wayleave Agreement is a simple agreement between SSEN and a landowner to formalise consent for equipment to be located within their land along with access for maintenance, tree cutting etc. In return, the landowner receives an annual or sometimes a one-off payment if they are not the sole beneficiary of the apparatus. It should be noted that Wayleave Agreements are made with landowners and are not registered against the land title.

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