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Connections Refunds

Refunds are usually issued in two scenarios:

  • When a project is cancelled by a customer post acceptance of the Connection Offer
  • When a new connection has been completed and the project is underspent, a partial refund may be due to the customer.

In such scenarios, we will make refund payments by one of three methods, dictated by how the payment for the Connection Offer was received:

1. Where the customer has paid by a debit or credit card, the refund will be processed back to the card that the original payment was made with. The transaction can take up to 7 calendar days, depending on the customer’s provider. Services provided by third parties are supported by Worldpay.

2. Where the customer has made payment directly into an SSEN bank account, we do not currently have the facility to return payments made by BACS. Therefore, all refund payments for less than £100,000 will be refunded by cheque along with a credit note detailing the reason for the refund.

3. Where the customer has made payment directly into an SSEN bank account, and the refund value exceeds £100,000, the refund will be processed via special BACS payment and will be subject to the following additional checks prior to the refund being processed and approved:

a. The recipient of the refund will be required to provide SSEN with a document on headed company paper containing the details of the bank account that the refund is to be paid to;

b. A letter signed by a Director within the recipient’s company that can be corroborated on Companies House website; and

c. An independent check will be performed via telephone prior to the refund being approved and processed to confirm the bank details provided. Once verified, the refund will be approved at Director level in SSEN before being processed.

Payment will be received within 3-5 calendar days.

Preferred method of Payment

The preferred method of payment to SSEN is by debit or credit card. This aids the refund process and enables us to process a refund in a more timely manner as it can be processed back to the original payment method and avoids the need to process the refund by cheque or special BACS payment.

Please note, we do not accept the following cards:

  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Diners


Where a project has been cancelled by the customer and no work has started on-site, we aim to process refunds within 14 days of written confirmation of the cancellation. The project may be subject to deduction of administration charges depending on the amount of design work completed and any costs incurred to date on the project.

Part Refunds – Completed Projects

Where a new connection has been undertaken and completed on behalf of the customer, all projects are subject to an internal cost review. SSEN requires to ensure all internal costs and invoices from external suppliers have been received, costed, and paid. We are reliant on suppliers and contractors invoicing promptly to allow completion of project reviews.

Please note that all projects are subject to review in totality. We will issue a refund based on the overall turnout of the project, not based on individual items within the quotation.