Tools and maps

  • Networks maps

    Use our new generation availability and contracted demand maps, which now includes EV charger location data.
  • Demand calculator

    Use our demand calculator to work out how much electricity you will need for your new connections project.
  • Local area energy planning support

    SSEN Distribution is supporting local authorities and communities to understand their local electricity grid and develop their plans for decarbonising and reaching Net Zero.
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)

    GIS provides a cross-technology end-to-end view of the electricity network, combining the fully connected electrical system with Google mapping systems. You must log in to use GIS.
  • Embedded capacity register (ECR)

    The Embedded Capacity Register (ECR) has been developed to provide better information to electricity network stakeholders on connected resources and network requirements.
  • Long term development statements (LTDS)

    Our Long term development statements (LTDS) are designed to help to identify and evaluate opportunities for entering into arrangements with us relating to use of the system or connection.
  • Loading and rating / HV Schematics

    We have compiled loading and maximum demand data for individual feeders and substations. This data has been prepared for both of our regions and will give you information about the local network to allow the analysis required to ensure a safe and secure supply when self identifying POCs.
  • G81 Library

    We have prepared a number of detailed design, technical specification and operational documents for the planning and design of connections to the network.
  • Cost Apportionment Register

    Using the links on our page, you can download the most up to date Cost Apportionment Register for northern Scotland or central southern England.
  • POC Self Identification Matrix & Self Design Approval Guidance

    The POC Self Identification Matrix & Self Design Approval Guidance outlines the work that may be conducted by NERs accredited Alternative Providers and the analysis that must be carried out to ensure a safe and secure supply to our customers.
  • Network Capacity Information

    You can view our network capacity information detailing the rating and capacity of our network assets, view our long term development statements, network management maps, and more.
  • SSEN Data Portal

    A single point of access for data published by SSEN Distribution.
  • NeRDA (Near Realtime Data Access)

    The Near Real-time Data Access (NeRDA) portal makes available power flow information from our Network via and API or dashboard near real-time for interested parties