What is happening in your area

A large part of our network is run through the ground, hidden from view, especially in high-density areas. These are the electricity cables that bring power to your homes and business.

If they need fixing or upgrading, sometimes we have no option but to dig up the road. This can involve digging and traffic management to be in place while our engineers safely carry out works.

We know this can have an impact on our customers' daily lives so we will do everything we can to minimise disruption and carry out works as quickly and safely as possible.


Disclaimer: Please note that this is a third-party map, SSEN does not capture or track any personal data relating to the information presented on this map. SSEN is not responsible for any data captured on this map out with our network areas, i.e. other utility companies or local councils. This map will only display roadwork information on public highways that have a permit, and not works being undertaken on private roads. If you have a question for any information other than SSEN please contact the relevant parties.


Our projects help us improve the environment we work in, reduce costs and build network resilience and security of supply for all our customers. Click on the links below to find out what we are up to across our business.

  • Innovation

    Developing smarter, more efficient networks is key to our company. We are researching new technologies, processes, and commercial arrangements.

  • Undergrounding our network

    We are investing over £15m in a project which will see the undergrounding of 90km of overhead lines in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Parks and National Scenic Areas in the north of Scotland and central southern England.

  • Alton-Bordon Network Investment

    Our multi million pound upgrade gets underway this Spring; boosting the power supply to future proof the electricity network for homes and businesses in the Alton and Bordon area of East Hampshire.

  • Leamington Park - West London

    We are investing in the North Acton area of West London to boost our electricity infrastructure and meet the demand of new developments. This project is due to commence in January 2023.

  • Shetland Energy

    Shetland is not connected to the main GB electricity network, which means the islands rely entirely on local sources of generation for their power; in addition, the supply and demand of electricity must be balanced locally.

  • Southampton - Network Investment

    We are working in Southampton to deliver a £10 million re-cabling scheme that will provide a modern and more resilient electricity network in the area.