Our Services

  • Existing electricity supply

    You are already connected to our network, but you want to amend your supply in some way. (Service alteration, diversion, increase or decrease your supply)
  • New electricity supplies

    A new connection to our network. (EV charger, heat pump, building a new property)
  • Service Information

    Find information on our services (Useful documents, embedded capacity register, loss of mains and more)
  • Tools and maps

    Use our tools and maps to help you with your project. (Load calculator, GIS, Network heat maps and more)
  • Competition in connections

    If you have the appropriate NERS accreditation and have been engaged by a client to deliver their new connections, we can provide you with the necessary non-contestable services.
  • Performance standards and charges

    Find information like the common connection charging methodology, our guaranteed standards of performance and the cost apportionment register.
  • Stakeholder engagement – Incentive on Connections Engagement

    We publish annual reports of our Incentive on Connections Engagement commitments. Find out what we have committed to delivering in this regulatory year, or take a look at our previous reports.
  • Legal consents and agreements

    If you need us to connect you to our network, we may need the permission of the owners of the properties nearby to allow us to work and install our equipment.

Useful Documents

Find all the documents you may need when connecting to our network.
Useful documents