Why would I need to request a substation clearance?

If one of our substations contain rubbish, has been subject to fly tipping, or has become overgrown with plants and vegetation, we can attend to clear this.

We will do this free charge.

If you think the substation is unsafe and needs urgent attention, please call 105 or message us on social media

Why would I need this work?

Rubbish/fly tipping in our substation
Plants and vegetation overgrown in our substation
There is something in our substation that should not be there

Before you apply, you will need:

Ready to apply?

Apply now

If you're ready and would like to apply for substation clearance, click here to go to our online request form and our teams will do the rest.


Do you need to speak to us?

If you need to speak to our team, you can reach us on the following email: ge@ssen.co.uk