You can increase or reduce your existing supply

Please note: If you’re installing a new appliance or connecting something which may take more demand from your electricity supply, you will need a load check to see if your supply can handle this. A load check is free of charge, and if we do need to increase your load and this is a small piece of work when we arrive, we will do this free of charge also. However, if we are unable to change your fuse on this visit due to specialist teams required, or needing a large increase, we will send you a quotation to change your capacity.

To request a load check visit, click here.

Why would I need to upgrade or reduce my electricity supply?

You may need to upgrade your supply if you’re making changes to your property, like adding a large piece of electrical equipment.

You may want to decrease your supply if you have removed a large piece of equipment from your property.

Note: In Scotland, we can carry out a load check if you’re unsure if you need to choose either of these options. If you require a load check, please call 0800 048 3516.

What we need from you:

  • Your contact details
  • The MPAN number of the property you would like to increase or decrease
  • The meter serial number
  • The full address and postcode of the site
  • The total load at the property
  • The total load you will need
  • Letter of Authority - For all metered and generation connection applications (excluding budget and feasibility study requests), where an applicant is not the landowner or occupier, we require a letter of authority to be submitted at the application stage.

What's Next:

Once we have all the information we need, a member of our team will put together a quote for you and get in touch to ensure you’re happy with the information we’ve sent you. After you have received, reviewed, accepted, and paid for your increase or decrease, we will then contact you to schedule an appointment.

Please note: An increase in capacity to your site or premises could trigger network reinforcement, which may impact the price of your quote.