Safety is our number one priority - If it's not safe, we don't do it

If you have already started work and suspect you may have damaged an underground cable or damaged an overhead line, we will treat this as an emergency. Please be aware that this service may be chargeable in some circumstances. To report this to us, please call 1 0 5. 

  • Overhead Lines

    Around five workers every year are killed when the machinery they are operating comes close to, or into contact with, overhead electricity lines. Find out more on how you can stay safe around our overhead network.
  • Underground Cables

    On average 70 people a year are seriously injured as a result of contact with underground electricity cables. Follow our safety advice and think before you dig.
  • Electricity Substations

    Electricity substations are an integral component in our network that allows us to safely deliver electricity to domestic and commercial customers in our area. Never enter one of our substations.
  • Electricity Theft

    Electricity theft is when a person deliberately consumes electricity without lawfully paying for it. Tampering with Electricity Equipment is not worth the risk. Find out how you can raise an anonymous report.
  • Safety at home

    Working in your home or in your garden? Make sure you know where our cables are and follow our advice and tips on how to keep yourself and your family safe in your home.
  • Children's Safety

    Electricity towers, poles and substations can attract adventurous youngsters but it is crucial that children and their parents understand the dangers of playing near this equipment. When left alone, electricity is safe. When tampered with electricity can be dangerous or even fatal.
  • Farm safety

    This page is all about helping you stay safe when working near our equipment. Before you start work, always check for overhead lines and keep your machinery a safe distance away at all times. Look out, look up and look after yourself.

Helpful Resources

Take a look at our helpful resources and useful advice to help you stay safe when working or playing near our equipment as well as links to industry recognised safety videos.
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