Power Track

Track a fault in your area or raise a report with us on our Power Track map and our team will keep you updated until our engineers can safely restore your power. 
Power Track

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  • Helpful tips

    If bad weather is on the way or we have to carry out a planned outage, follow our helpful tips to prepare and stay safe.

  • Experiencing a power cut

    If you experience a power outage, it may be because of a fault on our network or a problem in your home. Find out what to do during a power cut here.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Our frequently asked questions cover our most common queries on everything to do with a power cut. Simply use the search function on our webpage to get the information you need.

  • Planned power cuts

    Every year we invest millions of pounds into upgrading our electricity network. We will always notify you before a planned outage is going to happen, for more information and tips click here.

  • Priority Services

    Let's prepare together. Sign up to our Priority Services Register (PSR) for extra support during a power cut here.

  • Contacting us

    There are many ways you can contact our teams, be it by phone, email, or through one of our social media channels. To reach the right place, click here.