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  • Competition in connections - for ICPs and IDNOs

  • When customers have a choice, competing providers are naturally driven to deliver a better service. We continue to work with Ofgem and ICPs to identify and implement further scope of works that can be opened up to competition.

    If you have the appropriate NERS accreditation and have been engaged by a client to deliver their new connections, we can provide you with the necessary non-contestable services.
    If you would like to find out more about gaining the necessary accreditation to compete for new connections work, please visit the Lloyds Register Website. Our simple diagram illustrates the high level process for opening up the connections market.

  • Our network adoption process

    View our flow chart illustrating the adoption process for contestable works.
  • Alternative providers register

    We understand that opening the market to competition will be highly beneficial to customers, ensuring that their connections are delivered in a safe, timely and cost effective manner. We also know that ensuring customers are aware of their choice guarantees they can take full advantage of this. Therefore, we are committed to facilitating an open and competitive market.

    If you are happy to appear on our website, once you have registered, our customers will then be able to more easily search for those that could offer them an alternative quotation in delivering their project.
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  • Competition in Connections Governance – The Code of Practice (COP)

  • In June 2014 Ofgem launched a review of the market for new electricity connections. Following their findings, Ofgem tasked all Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) with developing a Code of Practice (COP) in consultation with stakeholders; this was done through the Energy Networks Association (ENA).

    The Competition in Connections (CiC) Code of Practice was approved by Ofgem in June 2015, following extensive consultation. The revised document was approved and issued in July 2015, with an implementation date of October 2015. It includes arrangements to make changes, so that it can evolve over time. This included the establishment of an industry panel to oversee those changes.

    The CiC Code of Practice governs the way in which DNOs provide input services to facilitate competition in the electricity connections distribution market. It will help customers have more choice over their connection provider.

    The Competition in Connections Governance can be found here.

    The Competition in Connections Code of Practice can be found here.