Industry consultations relating to interactivity were undertaken via the Energy Networks Association in 2018 and again in 2019. The results of these consultations provided an industry-agreed policy on establishing a consistent Interactivity process within and across network companies. We comply with this policy and as such, have implemented the Conditional Interactivity process, further details of which can be found on the ENA website.

‘Interactivity’ occurs where we receive two or more applications for a connection which make use of the same part of the network or network assets but where not all applicants can connect. Interactivity means that the validity of one Connection Offer is dependent on the outcome of the other. 

Interactive Connection Offers form an ‘interactive queue’, with the queue position based on the date we received a ‘competent’ application (an application that provides us with the minimum information we need to progress the application).

The process is summarised in the steps below. Where we refer to ‘Conditional’ and ‘Unconditional’ in this section of our website, this relates only to the interactivity process and not any other terms or conditions in the Connection Offers.

An Unconditional Connection Offer is not dependent on the acceptance of any other Offers in the interactivity queue.

Conditional Offers are dependent on the outcome of the Offers ahead of them, e.g. Interactive Connection Offers with an earlier queue position, in the interactive queue. If any of the Connection Offers ahead of them in the Interactivity queue are accepted and the next Offer cannot be accommodated, then the Offer will be withdrawn irrespective of whether the Connection Offer has been accepted or not. 

How does it affect me?

If your quotation is ‘interactive’ it could have a significant impact on the cost and/or timescales for connecting your project.

What's the process?

1 - Interactivity Identified

We will identify where there are Interactive Connection Applications for new Connection Offer(s)/ POC Offer(s).

2 - Early Notification

Where possible we will give you an advanced indication if we believe it is likely that your application may become interactive before the Connection Offer(s)/ POC Offer(s) are issued and if interactivity is confirmed your validity period will be reduced.

3 - Interactive Notification

On becoming interactive you shall receive notice of interactivity which will tell you your queue position and whether your Offer is Unconditional or Conditional depending on the queue position.

Where your Offer is issued as Interactive, your validity period will be reduced to 30 days. Where you received a standard Offer, which was subsequently made interactive, your validity period will be reduced depending on the number of days remaining on your Offer validity period. Where more than 30 days remain, your validity period will be reduced to 30 days. Where less than 30 days remain, there will be no change.

4 - Acceptance

Acceptance is required before the end of your validity period.

If you have received an Unconditional Offer, to accept you must provide a completed acceptance form and relevant payment.

If you have received a Conditional Offer, you must provide a completed acceptance form, but please do not make a payment until you have been notified of the outcome of the interactivity.

5 - Results Notification

We will notify all affected parties of the results and confirm whether you were successful as soon as practicable.

6 - Reapplications

Where you had a Conditional Offer that was withdrawn before the end of its validity period or where you had a Conditional Offer that you accepted within its validity period but subsequently was not successful, you will be given the opportunity to reapply.

If you reapply within 10 working days, and you do not make any changes to your original application, the original application date may be retained for any future Interactivity and connection offer expenses (COE) would not apply. Out with the 10 working day period or if you wish to make any change to your original application, any requests will be treated as a new application and will be subject to a new queue position and relevant COE.