Did you know you have a choice? 

If you are developing a housing, commercial or industrial site project, we can provide estimates and quotations for new or existing connections. If you wish, you can seek alternative estimates or quotations from Independent Connections Providers (ICPs). If you are looking to connect a site dedicated to generation (Solar farm or battery site) please visit our generation connections page.

You have a few options when planning to connect your properties to our network. Visit our quotation options page for more information

Connecting to our network

Information we require

  • Description of works required and how much electricity you're expecting to use
  • Your contact details
  • Address and postcode of your site
  • A plan showing the site location and layout, showing the properties that need to be connected and meter positions.
  • Parties for correspondence  
  • Letter of Authority (this is a letter to provide permission from the land/property owner to complete the work)
  • Plan showing the site boundary
  • Letter of Authority - For all metered and generation connection applications (excluding budget and feasibility study requests), where an applicant is not the landowner or occupier, we require a letter of authority to be submitted at the application stage.

Information we'll need to check 

  • Any additional or abnormal electricity loads (heat pumps, swimming pools, etc.) 
  • Dates of when you're ready for the works to be completed 
  • Land ownership details (specifically land you own and where your boundary ends) as your connection may require land consent. 
  • Details of any microgeneration you're looking to install, if applicable (solar panels, for example) 

Standards and regulations

For more information about the standards and regulations we adhere to as a distribution network operator, please visit our performance standards and charges page.


Depending on where you are looking to connect to our network, it is possible that your connection offer could be made Interactive. ‘Interactivity’ occurs where we receive more than one application making use of the same parts of the network, or where applications have a material effect on earlier applications. Interactivity means that the validity of one quotation is dependent on the outcome of the other. Find out more about the Interactivity process.

Land rights

In order to provide you with a connection to our network, we need land rights to install, use, maintain and renew our equipment on privately owned land. Visit our land rights page to find out more about the land rights we can obtain on your behalf.

Supporting information

More information to help you with your new connection.

Network capacity

View information on the rating and capacity of our network assets.
Network capacity