Code of practice

In June 2014 Ofgem launched a review of the market for new electricity connections. Following their findings, Ofgem tasked all Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) with developing a Code of Practice (COP) in consultation with stakeholders; this was done through the Energy Networks Association (ENA).

The Competition in Connections (CiC) Code of Practice was approved by Ofgem in June 2015, following extensive consultation. The revised document was approved and issued in July 2015, with an implementation date of October 2015. It includes arrangements to make changes, so that it can evolve over time. This included the establishment of an industry panel to oversee those changes.

POC Self Identification and Self Design Approval Guidance

This document details the minimum design standards for the identification of a Point of Connection. It explains when you can determine your own POC and when you can approve your own on-site design, if applicable.

Download our high-level process guide to help determine your point of connection.

Code of practice useful information

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