POC Self Identification and Self Design Approval Guidance

This guidance outlines the work that may be conducted by suitably NERs accredited Alternative Providers and the analysis that must be carried out to ensure a safe and secure supply to our customers. This is split by the number and type of customers as well as the type of network and the level of generation or demand.
This document details the minimum design standards for the identification of a Point of Connection. It explains when you can determine your own POC and when you can approve your own on-site design, if applicable.

Notify us of your Point of Connection.

ICP/IDNOs can notify us that they are determining the Point of Connection.

Please view our Standard Design Matrix before continuing with your application. It details where generic design is acceptable and where more detailed analysis is required for determining a Point of Connection.

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Still need help?  Click here to download a step-by-step guide of the POC Self-Determination Process
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