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In 2018 we introduced a change to how we recover the costs we incur for preparing a Connection Quotation. If you apply for a large Generation or Demand project we will charge you for the costs associated with issuing the Connection Quotation in accordance with the Electricity (Connection Offer Expenses) Regulations 2018. You will need to pay a Connection Offer Expense whether or not you decide to accept your Quotation.

Budget Estimate

Are you looking for a rough idea of how much a connection might cost? A budget estimate at times can be quicker than a formal quote and will give you a basic cost for the work. A budget estimate cannot be accepted or progressed so if you want to go ahead with your offer you will need to apply for a formal quotation. A budget estimate is good for people who are thinking of a connection but are not ready to go ahead because of time pressures. There is no cost to apply for a budget offer and does not include any network studies.

Please click here to see our job types and make an application. When going through the online application you can mark which quotation type you would like us to quote for.

Feasibility study

Looking for a more detailed view of your options? We can undertake a more detailed study, giving you a more detailed quotation, and accurate costs based on comprehensive network studies. This option does not have guaranteed standards of performance associated. Therefore, this option is best for customers who are expecting to connect but have the appropriate time to consider their options.

If you are looking to include a Feasibility Study in your application these studies range in fees between £248 and £8,060 + VAT depending on which type of Feasibility this covers. If you would like to understand these in more detail you can view our charging statements by clicking the links below.



Connection Offer

Ready to connect, have a clear idea of what you want, and need an accurate quote that you can accept and progress with? Our Connection Offers provide accurate costs based on comprehensive network studies that can be accepted. Due to the nature of the studies involved, these can take longer than budget estimates to provide.

Download our Connection Offer Expenses - Customer Guide

Extending and revalidating your connection quotation.

If you are looking to extend or re-validate your connection quotation, check out our helpful guide for more information.