• Our Digital Vision

    Find out more about our strategy for driving digital transformation at SSEN.

  • Our Digital Action Plan

    Find out more about our action plan along with specific initiatives in our Digital Roadmap.

Our Digital Strategy in action

  • Low Carbon Technologies

    With the current rise in domestic Low Carbon Technologies (LCT) only set to continue, our teams across SSEN Distribution are busy behind the scenes making sure that the electricity network is ready to deal with the accompanying increase in demand.

  • Using data to plan for the future

    By analysing the demand on our network today, we can plan for tomorrow and identify the future upgrades we need to make, upgrades that are key to enabling the increased demands that accompany the rising use of Low Carbon Technologies (LCT) such as electric vehicles (EV) and heat pumps.

  • Sustainability

    With substations and underground cables at the heart of SSEN Distribution’s network infrastructure, it is crucial that our own Asset Management strategy supports SSE’s wider low carbon and sustainability strategies.

Digital Strategy and Action Plan Archive

You can view our historical versions of our Digital Strategy and Action Plan in our archive.