Break down of an MPAN

Where will I find an MPAN?

For existing properties:

MPANs can be found on energy bills. 

If you don’t have an energy bill for the property (you have just moved into a new property) please email with your full address and meter serial number. If you are a third party,  please attach a Letter Of Authority.

For new properties:

Once you have accepted and paid the connection charge in your quote, we will contact you to discuss your programme of work. If you are ready to start work and have the full postal address from the Royal Mail for the property, send this to us, and we will send you the new MPAN. 

You can request your MPAN online through our website via your job application by clicking on the ‘Request MPANs’ button.  Once your request has been received and processed, you can obtain your MPAN for your job by clicking on the ‘Obtain MPANs’ button.

For connections over 69kVA and for connections involving distributed generation, we require additional technical information, which you can get from your electrical contractor.

Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs)

Please note, we do not issue MPANs for IDNO networks. IDNOs will register and issue their own MPANs.

Distribution Exemption Holders (DEHs) Half-Hourly and Non Half-Hourly

When a customer sits within a private network and wishes to register with a third party supplier, a DEH agreement needs to be set up. The customer must contact their supplier who will contact us to discuss possible solutions.

Already have an MPAN?

If you have been issued with an MPAN but can’t locate the correspondence, please contact your dedicated Team Manager or Project Manager to request a copy.

If you had previously applied online, you can re-obtain your MPAN for your job by clicking on the ‘Obtain MPANs’ button again.

Choosing an electricity supplier

Once you have your MPAN you need to register with an electricity supplier.  The registration process normally takes at least 28 days, so you should get in touch with your chosen supplier as soon as possible. 

A quick internet search for lists of Energy Suppliers will provide you with an array of different electricity suppliers to pick from. Suggested sources of information can be found at:

Arranging the meter installation

Once you have a confirmed date for your connection, you should let your electricity supplier know as soon as possible, so they can arrange for the meter to be fitted on the same day we complete our works. They are likely to need at least 10 working days notice to arrange and appoint, so please allow plenty of time for this to ensure you can use your new electricity supply as soon as possible.

Need an additional MPAN?

If you already have an MPAN but need another without any works being necessary to your incoming supply cable (eg if you are installing a total heating with total control (THTC) system and require an additional meter or are looking to install a microgeneration export meter) then you will need to request this through your electricity supplier. Please see our Additional MPAN process below for further information. 

MPAN additional resources