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If you have uncovered our underground cables or damaged our overhead network, do not attempt to touch or move any equipment. Instead please report it to us immediately so our team can safely repair this.

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  • Think before you dig

    If you’re planning any property maintenance or DIY that might bring you close to our equipment, please get in touch so that we can help you work safely. If you’re working in the garden, please be aware of the presence of underground electricity cables. Light gardening shouldn’t present an issue but deeper excavations, for tree roots, fence post replacement, footpath widening, or patio laying might uncover a live cable.
  • Look Out, Look Up!

    Tree cutting or hedge trimming can present a risk of contact with an overhead power line or electricity service wires. Before you start work, check the area affected and keep away from any overhead wires. We can check the cables for safety, measure the height and offer advice and guidance for you or your contractor.
  • Requesting assistance?

    If you're planning your next DIY project or garden renovation and require our help on overhead cables or an underground cable trace, you can request a job on our website with our General Enquiries team. We can check the height of your service wires, temporarily disconnect the electricity supply for safety and, in some cases, apply a protective shrouding to the wires to insulate them while your work is carried out.

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