Don't get your fingers burnt... electricity theft is not worth the risk

Electricity theft is when a person deliberately consumes electricity without lawfully paying for it. This can range from bypassing the electricity meter, stealing electricity directly from our network or knowingly using electricity without being registered to an electricity supplier.

Stealing electricity is highly dangerous and in the worst cases it can result in a fatality. It’s not just the act of stealing electricity that is dangerous in its own right; the fallout from this criminal activity can also impact negatively on innocent bystanders and neighbouring buildings. 

How to spot it

  • Burning smell

    A smell of something burning or even smoke or sparks near the meter box can be a sign of a potential bypass. This is extremely dangerous and should be reported immediately. You can do so below or call us on 1 0 5 so our engineers can investigate further.
  • Damaged casing

    If you notice the casing to the meter may be smashed, broken, or removed completely and the cables disconnected this may be an attempt to steal electricity illegally. You can report this anonymously to us by calling 0800 048 1618.
  • Extra wires

    Wires sticking out or wrapped around and connector clips attaching them to the meter can also be a sign of a potential attempt of electricity theft. Do not attempt to touch any of the equipment if you spot something unusual, instead report it anonymously.

How to make an anonymous report

Call us
0800 048 1618
Report with StayEnergySafe
Raise a report
Facebook Messenger
Send us a message

Want to find out more about energy theft?

Electricity theft is not a victimless crime. You can read more about electricity tampering and the shocking realities of the dangers it poses on the Stay Energy Safe website here. 
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