Look Out, Look Up, Look After Yourself

Before you start work, always check for overhead lines and keep your machinery a safe distance away at all times. 

Follow the tips below to stay safe when working near the electricity network.

Do you need our help?

If there’s an accident and you’re in a life-threatening situation or have serious injuries, please dial 999 immediately and tell them electricity is involved.

Report power cuts and emergencies
Call 105
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Our services

We offer a range of services to keep you safe when working near our equipment.

  • Overhead line assessment

    If you’re going to be working near our overhead lines, we’ll attend site and ensure that they are at a correct and safe height for the works underneath or nearby.
  • Pole assessment

    If you've noticed any damage to one of our poles or noticed that it’s leaning, let us know and we can carry out a safety check.

Helpful resources

Take a look at our helpful resources and useful advice to help you stay safe when working or playing near our equipment as well as links to industry recognised safety videos.
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