Our 33kV network reinforcement project in Little Marsh, High Wycombe will see the substation modernised and with flood defence measures installed; helping to create a more resilient and reliable network that is fit for a net zero future.

SSEN’s £5.2 million programme of works at Little Marsh substation is well underway and due for completion in winter 2024. Once completed, it will boost the resilience of High Wycombe’s power supplies; reducing the likelihood of power cuts and increasing network capacity to allow for more connections in the future and local uptake of low carbon technologies.

Installing Modern Technology

The current substation is a mixture of outdoor and indoor equipment that requires a lot of space.  It also uses old technology that no longer aligns with our low carbon objectives.

Once completed, the project will see the outdoor switchgear equipment replaced with two new 33kV and 11kV indoor switchgears that use modern technology. These will be housed in a brand-new elevated building that has a much smaller footprint.

Increasing Resillience

In placing this new technology in a raised building, we are making the area’s power supply more resilient against severe weather events like floods. To enhance this further, we are also increasing the flood protection for two existing transformers at the substation.

This step aligns with our goal of building a resilient power system, ensuring a robust and dependable network for the local area, capable of meeting the demands of our customers now and in the future.

What is a substation?

A substation is a key component of an electrical system that helps manage and control the flow of electricity. Is it responsible for transferring electricity from the high-voltage electricity lines and reducing it to safe and more manageable levels for homes and businesses. It also helps manage the flow of electricity in the overall system, ensuring a reliable and efficient supply of electricity.

Why is SSEN delivering this project?

Each year, we invest to increase capacity, upgrade and improve our distribution network. This is to make it more resilient, reliable and compatible with new low carbon technologies. By investing in our network, we are ensuring it is fit for the future as more customers adopt low carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles, heat pumps and solar panels. 

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