In January 2024, the subsea cable taking electricity from Mainland Shetland at Melby, across to the island of Papa Stour, developed a fault.

We immediately installed temporary generators to restore the power supply to the island, whilst investigating the cable fault. This involved specialist survey works and analysis of the data by our subsea team. A site visit was carried out, and the decision was made to replace the cable and ensure a long-term resolution to the failure. This will mitigate any potential risks of further damage to the existing cable during repair works.

These plans to replace the cable will be progressed as soon as is practically possible; before we can start work, we need marine licensing and other consents, and we also need to be able to secure specialist contractors and the installation vessel.

In the meantime, all properties on Papa Stour will continue to be supplied via backup generation, with members of our team in Lerwick carrying out regular inspections and refuelling of the temporary equipment on the island.

We have produced some commonly asked questions to answer your questions about the project. This page will continue to be updated when we have further information. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email

Image of our equipment on Papa Stour

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