Managing the network of the future.

The use of electricity is constantly changing, and at Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks we are dedicated to preparing our network for the future and ensuring the electricity infrastructure is evolving.  
We believe that three main themes will drive the need for innovation: value and choice for customers; the need for flexibility in Great Britain’s low carbon transition; and the need to realise the full value of existing innovative solutions. 
The Future Networks and Innovation team develops and delivers innovation projects for our networks businesses. Our projects aim for more effective and efficient ways of providing energy for all customers.

As a part of the Transmission and Distribution Licenses, the Gas and Electricity Networks produce joint innovation strategies, at least every two years. ENA, as the voice of the networks, has coordinated the development of these strategies on behalf of the Gas and Electricity Networks. 



To view our strategy and for more information about our in flight projects, please visit our Innovation Portfolio.

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