We're supporting local authorities and communities to understand their local electricity grid and develop their plans for decarbonising and reaching net zero.

What is LENZA?

LENZA is a geospatial planning platform powered by Advanced Infrastructure Technology Limited’s (AITL) LAEP+ software. It has been developed through SSEN Distribution’s Project RESOP. 

LENZA is designed to support users in their strategic energy planning endeavours, including the creation of Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs) and, where relevant, Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies (LHEES). The platform provides local authorities and their delivery partners with data and modelling tools that support informed decision making, including information on network capacity, building stock, and energy consumption.  

The tool empowers users to plan decarbonisation pathways, which in turn drive SSEN Distribution’s longer-term strategic network planning that will power local net zero ambition.   


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How to get involved

Following development of the tool and successful trials, we are now able to offer access to LENZA for local authorities in both our northern Scotland and central southern England licence areasTo gain access to LENZA, please click on the Apply Now buttonIf you would like to talk to someone in the team first, please contact us at whole.system.distribution@sse.com. For more information on how we support local area energy planning endeavours, see our LAEP webpage.
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