Outside your boundary

Please choose from the services below:

  • Overhead height assessment

    We will visit your site and ensure that overhead wires are at a correct and safe height for the works underneath or around.

  • Pole and stay assessment

    If you've noticed a pole leaning or damaged stay, then we can attend and assess how secure the pole is. We will then take all reasonable actions to ensure the pole is safe and supported properly.

  • Shrouding

    If you're working near overhead lines, we can cover the wires to ensure you're safe.

  • Substation access

    If you require access to our substation, your local depot will arrange for entry to be granted.

  • Temporay isolation

    We can temporarily isolate your incoming supply.

  • Tree cutting

    One of our arboricultural team will inspect the trees and if any work is required they will recommend the best course of action and agree what work we will undertake

  • Substation clearance

    If you've noticed rubbish or overgrown vegetation at one of our substations, we can attend to fix this.

  • Substation repair

    If we receive a report that a substation we are responsible for needs to be repaired (broken gate, fence, locks, etc), we will arrange for one of our specialists to attend and carry out the repairs required.