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Our mission statement

To deliver our vision - Powering Change With Every Connection -  we must work closely with our customers and stakeholders providing them with the opportunities to comment and give feedback on our services. By seeking and considering the views of interested or affected people and organisations, we as a business can make better decisions for all.

We are seeing a  period of significant change for electricity networks with the drive to net-zero impacting how our network is used. The extent and pace of change have made it more important than ever that we listen to our customers and stakeholders to understand their changing needs, placing them at the heart of decision making.

Our stakeholder engagement strategy provides a clear and accessible framework for our whole business to use, and at its heart is our mission statement,  which sets out our vision for the role of stakeholder engagement in informing our decisions as we shape our business now for the future.

Our Principles 

Our principles define how we engage and guide the planning and delivery of our activities. These principles reflect the values embedded throughout our approach and are embodied by all stakeholder-facing staff.


We will take a considered approach to the format and timing of our engagement and think deeply about how we can reach 'seldom heard' voices, ensuring a fair and accurate representation of our customers and communities. 


We will conduct thorough engagement, on issues that matter to our customers, in a way that generates meaningful discussion and debate, structuring our engagement activities and processes to allow us to capture clear and unambiguous feedback that leads to insight and actions. 


Our engagement will be transparent and meaningful, allowing participants to clearly trace the 'golden thread' from their input and challenge to genuine influence on our business policies, activities, and future plans. 


We will conduct frequent and enduring engagement which evolves in line with best practice and continuous improvement. We will be flexible to change in the engagement process and incorporate learnings throughout the process. 

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

To find out more information, download our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.