Our Digital Action Plan

For an introduction and overview of our Action Plan, click on this link to hear from SSEN Director of DSO, Andrew Roper.

You can view our planned digital products and services in this new interactive roadmap and can provide your feedback to us here.

Our Digital Strategy and Action Plan Principles will inform our decision-making as we realise our digital strategy:

1. Driven by need – what is needed by our customers, stakeholders and to deliver broader policy goals and ambitions for the UK

2. Prioritised by value – we will invest where there is a clear case to do so, and ensure we deliver in a cost-efficient way

3. Tailored to our stakeholders – our services will be specific to those that will use them most.

4. Committed to enabling an affordable transition to net-zero – we must ensure we continue to progress the collective journey to net-zero, digitalisation is a key enabler

Want to know more about our ED2 plans? 
We've launched our ED2 Business Plan! If you want to find out more, click here.

  • A customer and stakeholder led plan

    Our strategy and action plan has been built with customer needs, goals, expectations, and behaviours at its core.
  • Measuring Success

    Our Digital Strategy outlines success measures that have been evaluated by our stakeholders. Read more on how we're performing against our success measures.
  • Digital Enablers

    Find out what we're doing behind the scenes to ensure we continue to evolve our digital capabilities.
  • Our Digital Strategy

    Our action plan is driven by our overarching Digital Strategy. Find out more about our vision for a digital and net-zero future in our strategy section.
  • Contacting us and your feedback

    We use customer and stakeholder feedback to improve our business and the products and services that we offer. Your views will make a real difference to our digital future, so please let us have your opinions.
  • Glossary

    You may have seen things in our action plan or strategy that you'd like to make more sense of. Our helpful glossary will help you guide any newer terms or phrases you've seen.

Digital Strategy and Action Plan Archive

You can view our historical versions of our Digital Strategy and Action Plan in our archive.