An introduction to our Digital Strategy

Electricity distribution networks have a key role to play in delivering net zero as part of the future energy system. Our digital investments are important in helping us play our part in this system; this means delivering digital products and services that our customers and partners find valuable, being smarter in how we access, use and analyse data, and aligning our organisation for a digital world.

Our Digital Strategy describes how we will achieve this as we develop the functions of a Distribution System Operator. Specifically, our Digital Strategy describes the digital products and services we will provide to the people we deliver services to and the people we work with, and how these benefit each individual. It also describes how we want to work with you to make them as valuable as possible.

This strategy sits alongside our Digital Action Plan, which we will next publish in June 2023 and update every 6 months. The Action Plan gives you the detail on when we will deliver our products and services and how we will be measured on their performance.

Download our Digital Strategy

  • Our Digital Action Plan

    Find out more about our action plan along with specific initiatives in our Digital Roadmap.
  • Contacting us and your feedback

    We use customer and stakeholder feedback to improve our business and the products and services that we offer. Your views will make a real difference to our digital future, so please let us have your opinions.
  • Archive

    You can view our historical versions of our Digital Strategy and Action Plan in our archive.