Andrew Roper, Director of DSO

Whilst much of our investment now and into RIIO-ED2 is below the surface in organising our business, understanding customer journeys, improving data and processes, growing digital platforms, capabilities and transitioning towards agile delivery, it is all necessary to enable us to meet your needs in an efficient way and to a standard you expect.

As well as building our core capability we have engaged our customers, industry peers, policymakers, and digital experts in order to better understand our customer and stakeholder needs, the products and services that serve those needs, and the digital capabilities we need to utilise, within or outside of our business, to deliver whole system efficiency and value.

We also recognise that we need to lead and have a positive impact on society. On the highest priority challenges such as net zero emissions and supporting vulnerable customers, we are helping stakeholders understand the opportunity of working with us, using our data, and becoming part of our network.

Combined, this shapes our action plans and priorities which ensures we invest in areas that deliver benefits to stakeholders and broader society.

In June 2021, we updated our Digital Action Plan, first published in December 2020, which outlines the activity we are undertaking to achieve our Digital Strategy and Vision. Our Action Plan is our commitment to you, your service catalogue describing the digital products provided by SSEN and the wider industry. It describes the future products and services we want to develop, based on our understanding of what is most valuable to our customers, stakeholders, and communities.

Our plan is shaped by your feedback and continued engagement and developed in collaboration with partners from across our ecosystem.

Our Digital Action Plan is a ‘living roadmap’ that will be updated at least every 6 months to show progress and changes against planned actions. It will continually evolve, open to being shaped by your needs and growing clarity on how our industry will operate in the RIIO-ED2 price control period (2023-2038).

Our latest Digital Action Plan has transitioned into an online roadmap and website to enhance ease of use and experience. Previous versions can be found on our website. We have developed our Digital Strategy and Action Plan (DSAP) using Ofgem’s DSAP guidance and in line with our own set of Principles, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.
Andrew Roper