Our transition to a Distribution System Operator (DSO)

An increase in low-carbon distributed generation, electric vehicles, demand side response and energy storage are transforming our network, giving customers access to new products and services.

To accommodate the changes that will enable net-zero, we have created a Distribution System Operation Directorate (DSO). We are putting customers and communities at the heart of the process and ensuring the best value for money. In 2017, we published Supporting a Smarter Electricity System which outlines the principles we will adhere to during this transition.

Discover how we are delivering a smarter electricity system

  • Our DSO Action Plan

    DSO is the critical part of the energy value chain that must be developed at pace to deliver flexibility - the core tool that will enable consumer opportunity and participation, and create the system capacity needed to achieve net zero.

  • Our Digital Strategy

    Our digital vision is to be a progressive network owner, using digital to enhance social and economic value, deliver a leading experience for our customers and to enable the energy system to support net zero carbon emissions.

  • Flexible Solutions

    Our Flexible Solutions include Flexible Connections that enable new customers to connect at constrained locations, and Flexibility Services which we buy from service providers to manage forecast constraints or to assist in outage conditions.

  • Flexible Connections

    We have developed a suite of alternative and flexible connections to allow generation customers to connect to our network as a temporary or permanent alternative to reinforcement.

  • Whole System

    Our Whole System approach will be to build on the use of non-network solutions such as flexible generation and demand to make the most of existing network assets and take on the role of a Neutral Market Facilitator.

  • Tools and maps

    Access information on the rating and capacity of our network assets with links to our network maps and Active Network Management and information such as our Long Term Development Statements (LTDs) and our Embedded Capacity Register (ECR).