What is Flexibility?

Our shared journey to net zero means there are radical changes in how we get the electricity we all need. As more people begin to use Low Carbon Technologies like EVs and heat pumps, SSEN Distribution is working to meet the demand for more electricity. As well as planning additional new infrastructure, we’re making the most of the current network, by further developing Flexibility, creating the smart, fair electricity system where everyone can get involved.

Here’s how we’re creating a smart, fair, electricity system:

  • Flexibility Services

    You can help strengthen the electricity network and earn money by registering as a flexibility service provider. We pay homes and businesses who generate their own electricity, or who agree to adjust their demand, in specific locations at times when the network needs it. We procure four types of standard services.

  • Flexible Connections

    We have innovative solutions which get new customers connected to the network. We design and implement solutions such as Active Network Management (ANM) to get new customers plugged in, even in areas of the network that are constrained.