The journey from electricity networks to a new world of distribution systems has a clear destination – net zero.

As we move towards the 2030s, net zero activity is becoming more localised, involving more households and businesses. Further emissions saved will be delivered house-by-house, street-by-street, and boardroom by boardroom. 

Existing network wires and substations already support communities with safe and secure power whenever they need it. But developing DSO capabilities means becoming much more proactive and predictive, using data and technology where required, to identify, prioritise and then use, sources of local flexibility to better meet system needs, alongside strategic investment in new network capacity. 

What the board will do

How will communities and stakeholders know that SSEN Distribution is making good decisions on your behalf?

This is where the DSO Advisory Board comes in. It will meet four times a year, and report annually. 

The board brings together a group of impressive individuals with diverse and highly relevant sets of skills. Around the table are experts in consumer engagement, community energy, energy markets and system operation, energy policy, and law. 

The DSO Advisory Board will critically evaluate SSEN Distribution’s plans and methodologies, with the interests of stakeholders front-and-centre.  

And we’ll hold the “Smart, Fair, Now” pledge up to the light, to ensure the decisions made, live up to the promise of this phrase.

Meet the board members

  • Gareth Miller (chair)

    Gareth Miller is the Chairperson of SSEN Distribution's DSO Advisory Board. 

    Gareth is a former CEO of Cornwall Insight, energy project finance banker and energy policy maker.

    He's currently a Non-Executive Director and strategic advisor, and market commentator specialising in the energy sector.

    You can read more about Gareth's thoughts as Chairman of the board by reading his blog here: 

    A word from the chairperson of SSEN's DSO Advisory Board, Gareth Miller - SSEN

  • Dr Nicki Clegg

    Dr Nicki Clegg brings 30 years’ experience in a diverse range of sectors to her role the DSO Advisory Board.

    In her various technology leadership roles, she has continually raised the profile of the role technology plays in transforming society.

    Nicki recently changed her career’s direction to focus on her passion for driving social mobility and diversity within the tech sector. 

    She works with hundreds of businesses every year, helping them implement school engagement as part of their strategic workforce planning, and environmental, social, and governance programmes. 

  • Bridget Hartley

    Bridget is leading the setting up of a Regional Energy Strategic Planning capability for Great Britain; a new role recently given to the ESO.

    A chartered gas engineer, she has over 25 years leadership experience in gas transmission and distribution, covering a wide range of areas including strategy, stakeholder, operations, regulation, and investment.

    In her spare time, she enjoys trail running, cycling, and ringing church bells.

  • Dr Charlotte Johnson

    Charlotte has over 10 years of experience researching social justice and participation in energy system change.

    She is currently Head of Research Programmes at the Centre for Sustainable Energy, where she leads the Fairness Work Programme.

    In this role, she leads on a number of innovation projects, working to bring socially-equitable low-carbon solutions to market. 

    Charlotte’s excited about the challenge and opportunity facing SSEN in speeding and scaling a fair transition. And having trained as an anthropologist she can’t help bringing culture into discussions about infrastructure.

  • Dan Roberts

    Dan has over 25 years of experience as an economic consultant in the GB energy sector, and is currently a Director at Frontier Economics.

    He has worked extensively with DESNZ, Ofgem, ESO, and various network owners on the implications of the energy transition, decentralisation, and digitisation for networks, and regularly advises current and potential investors in assets which provide critically needed flexibility on commercial opportunities.

    As a proud owner of a heat pump, two EVs, solar panels and a domestic battery system, Dan also speaks from first-hand experience as a flexibility provider!

  • Professor Jan Webb

    Jan is Professor in Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh, and co-director of the UK Energy Research Centre, where she leads research on local and regional energy systems.

    She works with the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments and local authorities on local and regional energy planning and development.

    Jan was awarded an MBE in 2020, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). It’s in this role that she’s learned much about climate science, and the major risks of climate change.

    When Jan is not thinking about how to respond to climate disruption, she’s usually out walking the hills.