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  • Access statement

    Work near our infrastructure

  • Introduction

    Our infrastructure supplies power to homes and businesses across the north of Scotland, central southern England and at a smaller number of locations across the rest of the United Kingdom where we have ‘National Networks’ embedded within other Distribution Network Operator licence areas. Our networks consist of overhead lines, underground cables and other connected equipment that can be situated both above and below ground.


    From time to time the development and maintenance work of others (termed ‘clients’ in this document) can come close to, and often cross, this infrastructure. It’s therefore important we ensure the safety of those carrying out these works and facilitate an efficient system to give advice on working in proximity and quotations for moving our equipment if required.


    This Access Statement sets out our policies and processes for:

    • How clients obtain information about where our infrastructure is located
    • Single points of contact to discuss working in proximity to our equipment
    • Single contacts per region to discuss applicable fees and charging clients for moving our equipment
    • Keeping clients informed of progress on works
    • How client disputes will be resolved

    Accessing Information on our Infrastructure

    We operate an internet based system for clients to get immediate access to our GIS records that show where our infrastructure is located.

    Clients are given a Username and Password from using which they can access our records and print copies for their use.

    This service is available through our GIS Records Team in Basingstoke and can be arranged through our Network Records Manager as noted below:

    David Green
    Network Records Manager
    Tel. 01256 337293
    Email –

    For generic enquiries about cable depths, service locations etc. we provide local contact telephone numbers on every plan that’s printed by clients.

    Cross-sector infrastructure interactions

    Works in vicinity to our equipment

    For clients who require to get our equipment moved to facilitate their works there are single points of contact in each of our Regions – three in our north of Scotland distribution area, four in central southern England and one in our National Networks team.

    These names and numbers are noted below:

    North of Scotland

    North Caledonia – Alan Bowie Tel. 07810858763 Email: -


    Highlands and Islands – George MacDonald Tel. 07767852803 Email: -


    South Caledonia – Traci Kidd Tel. 07767852057 Email: -

    Central southern England

    Ridgeway – Aaron Day Tel. 01225 701516 Email


    Thames Valley – Charles Loveday Tel. 01753 695601 Email


    Wessex – Mark Rose Tel. 02380 817307 Email


    South East – Jon Ivey Tel. 01730 232011 Email

    National Networks

    Steve Rann – Tel. 02392 624155 Email

    The contacts noted above will provide information on our fees and charges, provide quotations for any work required and will ensure clients are kept informed on progress of their works.

    Dispute Resolution

    We believe that the process described above will ensure clients are satisfied with the service they receive and we deliver on our promises about site visits, quotations and progress updates. However if a client has concerns about any aspect of this process disputes will be resolved by our Director of Customer Relations whose details are noted below:

    Lisa Doogan

    Director of Customer Relations Tel – 01738 453023

    Email –