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Locations and requirements are published one month before tender. You can view these on our Flexible Power Map. 

Flexible Power Map

Documentation on the services we procure, how they are operated and our regulatory reports can be found in our document library. 

Document Library 

Our monthly KPI dashboard can be viewed here.


Please email if you have a question about Flexibility Services.

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If you are the owner, operator, or aggregator of generation, storage or demand assets over 50kW in any of the advertised zones you may be able to provide Flexibility Services. SSEN regularly tenders for Flexibility Services in our North and South network areas. You can find information on current and upcoming tenders on this page, along with how to participate.

Next Tender Opens: 29th August 2022 

Region: South (SEPD) 

Deadline for Pre-Qualification: 19th August 2022

Where are we procuring Flexibility?

The map below shows the Constraint Managed Zones (CMZ) where we are presently or will soon be tendering for services.

One month ahead of each tender, further details on service requirements are published on the Flexible Power Map.

How to participate

Pre-qualified providers with assets in suitable locations on the network are invited to tender.

Pre-qualification is easy. Just register on our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and complete the pre-qualification questionnaire for North (SHEPD) or South (SEPD) network areas. Note that providers with assets in both North and South will need to complete questionnaires for both areas.

The DPS is open for registrations at any time, but pre-qualification questionnaires must be submitted at least 5 working days ahead of the tender open date to be considered.

Register & Pre-Qualify

Stakeholder Engagement

We run webinars before large tenders which are open to all interested parties. If you would like to attend, please search for “Flexibility Services” in the stakeholder engagement portal to find an event and book your place.


Documents and Reports

Service documentation and reports, including our procurement statement, procurement report and tender results can be found in the Document Library For monthly KPI reporting, please visit our dashboard.

Document Library