Flexibility services allow us to adjust power generation or consumption in specific areas when needed.

These services are essential for maintaining a stable and efficient energy network, in keeping with our Distribution System Operator (DSO) action plan. We procure flexibility services from various energy assets like generators, storage units, and demand such as aggregated EVs and Heat Pumps.

Flexibility services offer a smart solution to meet changing electricity demands. It supports our programme; before, during and after construction. By adjusting consumption patterns, we maximise existing and future capacity and accelerate the transition to Net Zero.

If you own or operate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as generators, or storage systems, or manage or supply Consumer Energy Resources (CERs) you can participate in our procurement process. We regularly seek providers for services in areas facing capacity constraints, known as Constraint Managed Zones (CMZs).

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How to participate

Fill out our pre-qualification. This is currently on our Delta Platform, and we will transition to our new market platform by Autumn 2024.

Providers can easily get started by completing our prequalification questionaries. Note that one questionnaire must be completed per region (SEPD, England & SHEPD, Scotland).

Standard Services

We procure four standard services, aligned with the other DSOs in the UK. Availability payments are made in advance, to secure the service, while utilisation payments are paid closer to real time – as and when the service is required.

Most of the services we currently procure are ‘Variable Availability & Operational Utilisation’

We sometimes procure bespoke products to meet the needs of the communities we work within. The bespoke products we will procure are:

Emergency Flex

Diversification Service

Western Isles Stability Service

We also continue to operate any service previously procured. These services were called Secure, Sustain, Dynamic, and Restore.

More information

  • DSO Framework Update

    To find out more about our strategic focus, download our DSO Framework Update.

  • Document Library

    Access our document library for service documents, reports, and procurement-related information.

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