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What is the G99 Fast Track Process? 

The G99 Fast Track process may allow you to connect your small generation and/or storage quicker than through a formal application.

To enter into the G99 Fast Track process for generating unit(s) located as a single generator’s installation, you must ensure it is compliant with one of the three categories of Small Generation Installations (“SGI’s”).

In every case, all generating units (including electricity storage) installed under this process, shall be connected via either EREC G99 or G98 Type Tested Inverters, or EREC G59 or G83 Type Tested Inverters where the Power Generating unit was installed prior to 27th April 2019.

How to apply

To apply for the G99 Fast Track process, you must download and complete the relevant application forms, and submit, alongside the relevant evidence, to:

We aim to respond within 10 working days.

Note to installers:

Please ensure the information you provide is complete in full and to the specifications detailed on this page. This will ensure there are no delays in progressing your application.

Small Generation Installation Application Processes

Application forms may require some, or all, of the following information to be provided, dependent on the type of application to be made.

Installer and Installation details

  • Installer, Installation, and Generator information
  • Details of Proposed Additional Generating Unit(s) (including electricity storage), such as,
  • Intrinsic Design Capacity; the design capacity of the unit
  • Registered Capacity; the export limitation of the unit set by the manufacturer
  • EREC G100 export limitation set by the installer
  • Target installation dates
  • MPAN and details of existing installations, where applicable
  • Electrical measurements using form FO-NET-CAB-008 (For SGI-3 applications only; guidance available in PR-NET-CAB-004)

G98 Approved Inverter Type Test Certificate(s) and G100 declaration

  • The power rating (kW) on the certificate should match the power rating (kW) of the inverter shown on the schematic diagram

Schematic diagrams (“SLDs”) showing

  • The generator(s) itself
  • Name and power rating (kW) of the inverter being used
  • Live phases, neutral, earth
  • Lockable isolators
  • Clear demarcation between our and your equipment
  • G100 Export Limitation Scheme

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If you are looking to connect a site dedicated to generation, we can provide estimates and quotations for new or existing connections. If you wish, you can seek alternative estimates or quotations from Independent Connections Providers (ICPs). When you receive a quotation for the connection, it will be split into contestable and non-contestable elements.  This is done to be as clear as possible to what element a third party can offer.  For further information on what an ICP can offer, follow the link below.
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