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Flexible Connection Options 


Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks must ensure that if there are two circuits running in parallel and one of the circuit’s fails then the other circuit can pick up the load. This part of system planning standards. A generator may incur additional reinforcement charges due to the remaining circuit not having a sufficient excess capacity. Therefore, an intertrip connection may be offered. This allows a customer to connect onto the network under the condition that the generator will be disconnected from the network if one of the circuits fail. 

Active Network Management (ANM) 

SSEN's Active Network Management (ANM) is a technology and approach that enables the efficient management of electricity network by monitoring and controlling Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage systems, and other assets. ANM helps to balance the supply and demand of electricity in real-time, allowing for increased integration of renewable energy sources into the grid while ensuring grid stability. 

ANM involves the use of advanced communication and control systems to manage the flow of electricity in the grid. It enables the automatic adjustment of the voltage and frequency of the electricity supply to ensure that it remains stable and reliable, while also managing energy storage systems to optimise their use. ANM can respond to changes in demand and supply, allowing for the efficient management of energy storage systems to reduce energy waste and costs. 

ANM also facilitates the resolution of any potential faults or issues on the network, ensuring that power outages are minimised. This approach enables the seamless integration of renewable energy sources and energy storage into the grid, reducing the time for connections ahead of network upgrades and improving the overall reliability and resilience of the electricity network. 

Overall, SSEN's ANM is a powerful tool for managing electricity networks that helps to balance supply and demand, optimise energy storage, and integrate renewable energy sources in a more efficient and effective manner. 

Orkney ANM System – operational and open for further applications 

Isle of Wight ANM System – operational and open for further applications 

Shetland ANM – operational but closed for further applications 

Flexible Payment Terms 

We offer flexible payment terms for all connections at the pre-energisation stage. For large connections or those that will not be completed for several years, staged payments will be offered automatically to the customer. For all other connections, we advise customers to let us know if they would prefer to make staged payments and this will then be offered. 

Flexible Connections Highlights

   - Flexible connections connected to date - 95 

  - Distributed generation capacity across our licence areas -  412.5MW  

  - CO2 Saved through Flexible Connection in ED1 - 327,000t 

 - Saved connecting customers over 90 years 

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