CMZ Headlines

  • 14 Live CMZ Contracts
  • 600MW+ of flexible services contracted to date 
  • 8.5GWh+ of energy utilised on our networks through flexibility services
  • 3,800 tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

SSEN is establishing a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) as the procurement vehicle for Constraint Managed Zones (CMZ) rather than running multiple individual tender exercises. In summary, this approach will allow SSEN to remain compliant with existing procurement legislation while ensuring as much flexibility as possible for potential applicants. By registering on the DPS, applicants will be pre-qualified for any future CMZ opportunities, streamlining the procurement process.

As part of this signposting exercise, SSEN is utilising its new DPS platform to collect the pre-tender market engagement responses that you will need to provide when you register your interest. The details that we are collecting are outlined in the table below. Similar to above, it is essential to note that this is not a full procurement exercise and SSEN will not be placing CMZ contracts directly as a result of this signposting event.


  • Availability – Availability Payments are paid to secure the required service for a period of time, without committing to using the service itself unless it is required. This is typically paid on a £/MW/day basis.
  • Utilisation – Utilisation payments are usually linked directly to the amount of power provided or reduced in response to a specific instruction. This is typically paid on a £/MWh basis.
  • Capacity – The capability of your site in megawatts (MW) and megawatt-hours (MWh).
  • ED2 – The next Distribution Price Control period runs from 2023-2028. SSEN, as well as the other DNOs, are currently building their ED2 plans as part of our licence conditions. The reference to ED2 above refers directly to that planning process.

Flexibility Services Procurement Plans

Each year, we submit plans for procuring flexibility services to Ofgem in the Procurement Statement. The approved version of the statement is published below and includes information on the zones and services we are planning to tender for.

SSEN SLC 31E – 2022 Flexibility Services Procurement Statement 

Historical procurement statements and reports can be found in the Flexible Services Document Library.

SSEN CMZ – Opportunities and Live CMZ Zones

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) are looking for Flexibility Service Providers for CMZ contracts across its North and South network areas.

If you own, operate, or plan to develop a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) in one of the highlighted areas of the map below, please register on the link below (found in Step 1). However, please note this link will direct you to the Delta e-Sourcing website that will be used by SSEN to undertake CMZ procurement activity, a simple process step is below:

1. Follow the link here

2. The first page is the SSEN landing page, where you can register for the SSEN procurement process or search current CMZ opportunities

3. Click on the ‘Register’ button on the page

4. Either Log-in or create a new account. This will set up an account on the Delta e-Sourcing system which SSEN will use as our DPS

5. Once registered or logged in, you can begin the procurement process for CMZ opportunities

The CMZ opportunities seen from the map are detailed within the SSEN SLC 31E – Flexibility Services Procurement Statement found below or in the Flexible Solutions Document Library. For more information on CMZ and Flexible Services, please visit our SSEN Flexible Services page

SSEN CMZ - Historical Tender Information Updated – April 2022

Listed within the document below are details of historic CMZ tender exercises undertaken by SSEN. This document will be updated regularly of all CMZ tender processes that are completed, to state whether a CMZ was placed or if it was not viable on this occasion