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  • Connections Information- Generation and Storage – Flexible Connections

    Interested in Flexible connection options? We have developed a suite of options for customers to traditional reinforcement and therefore potentially connect quicker and at a lower cost. Find out about the options we offer, case studies for past projects, register your interest in offering a flexibility service and see our most recent calls for flexibility services across our licence area.

  • Calls for flexibility services

    Find out where we are seeking flexibility services in our licence area and detail of closed/completed opportunities.

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  • Payment Methodology

    Interested in providing a flexibility service? Take a look at our standard payment terms.

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  • Register your interest

    Register here to be notified if we require services in your area.

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  • Flexibility Service

    Looking to offer Flexible Services? Take a look at our guidance information.

  • Case studies

    Download our case studies of previous projects successfully implementing flexible solutions.

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  • Flexible Connection Options

    Find out more about our Active Network Managed Zones, Intertrip, timed or export limiting options.

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  • In 2015, we led the way in announcing the first Constraint Managed Zones (CMZs) to support and unlock network flexibility in areas of constraint.  These zones make use of technologies providing flexibility to alleviate network constraints and avoiding network issues.  

    To prepare for providing CMZ Flexibility Services the following information and examples are available for you to download. 

    Flexibility services will play a big part in avoiding the need for expensive reinforcement to accommodate the growth in low carbon technologies, helping to keep costs down for customers.  So as part of our commitment to flexibility we are moving to a proactive flexibility position, extending the use of flexibility to our entire network.  We want to hear, ahead of need, from existing (or potential) flexibility providers in our licence areas who control assets that could provide solutions.  This will allow us to better assess the opportunities to purchase flexibility and react more quickly as and when the need arises. 

    In addition to our register (tab above and to the left) we are also committed to displaying new zones on the ‘Piclo’ platform;