We recognise the pivotal role that the organisations and charities play in achieving better outcomes for communities and widening the safety net of care around them.

We have provided a set of tools to help you promote the priority services register to your service users or residents who may need extra support during power cuts. Your services users/residents may not be aware that extra advice and support is available for when there is a power cut. By raising awareness of the Priority Services Register you are helping them get free access to: 

· Our dedicated Priority Services line is available 24 hours a day.  We’ll contact you, or your nominated contact if we need to switch off your power to carry out essential maintenance.  

· We offer a password service where you can agree a password to use when dealing with SSEN staff. That way we can look after your personal safety and home security.  

· When we are aware of an unplanned power cut affecting your home, you will receive proactive updates 24 hours a day.

· We will contact you regularly to confirm the details we hold for you are correct and if we do not hear back from you on these occasions, we will only keep your data for 5 years.     

What resources are available to promote the PSR? 

By promoting the Priority Services Register to your service users, groups or residents, you will be helping our welfare teams to provide extra support to where it is needed most during a power cut, but also during our everyday conversations with our customers. Please refer to our list of resources below, including support for social media promotion for our Priority Services Register.

Our resources

The toolkit has been designed to help you raise awareness and have conversations about what the PSR offers, how it can make a difference to your service users/residents and provide peace of mind during power cuts. You will find the following resources within the toolkit for both England & Scotland:

If you have any queries relating to this community toolkit, please contact networkscvteam@sse.com.

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