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Earlier in the winter, the Electricity System Operator, National Grid ESO’s, published their Winter Outlook report, which raised the remote prospect of planned emergency power cuts to manage potentially reduced energy supplies from Europe this winter. National Grid ESO is the electricity system operator for Great Britain and are responsible for the management of the GB electricity grid, ensuring there is enough electricity to be distributed across the country.

As one of the six Distribution Network Operator (DNOs) in Great Britain, it is our role to operate under instruction from National Grid ESO to conduct emergency disconnections if they are required. We would like to take the opportunity to reassure you that the industry has robust plans in place and stress these options would be taken as a last resort, when all other measures to balance electricity supply and demand have been exhausted.

You may have seen recent media coverage on this issue, and we fully appreciate that this may be concerning for you. While these outages remain an unlikely scenario, we want to ensure that our customers are prepared and can minimise the disruption they may experience. The intention of this page is to provide you with key points to consider in advance of any planned emergency, including your Rota Block identifier which will be used in the communication of the location of potential planned power interruptions.

Use our interactive map to find your rota block

Find my rota block

You may have seen talks of power cuts this winter due to a lack of electricity capacity in the UK. Although this is a worst case scenario, you can find your rota block identifier using our 'My Rota Block' map. 
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How to prepare

Charge your mobile
Keep a torch nearby
Stay tuned
Keep a note of key contacts

Emergency planning portal

Although emergencies are rare, it's important to prepare for them and ensure you're resilient against unexpected things that can happen, especially over the winter period when power cuts are more likely. Our Emergency Planning Portal has lots of resources and information to help you prepare.

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