Isle of Wight ANM Live

Isle of Wight ANM Live provides real time information on the status of the ANM systems.  It has been designed to help ANM generators understand when the system is operating as expected and when there may be faults..

Isle of Wight Electricity Demand

The graph shows the live demand for electricity as a proportion of the winter peak demand.  The peak winter demand is a static figure that is reviewed annually by Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD)

Isle of Wight Renewable Generation

The graph also shows the total live Isle of Wight renewable generation as a proportion of the total renewable capacity.  The generation can be greater than the live demand, which means the excess will be exported to the English mainland.  The additional renewable generation attributable to the Isle of Wight ANM system is shown as a proportion of the total renewable generation.  The total renewable generation does not include the micro generation (≤50kw) installed on the network

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