Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution has submitted its plans to the Energy Regulator for the future electricity network in the Outer Hebrides. SSEN’s plans will grow the net zero network here in the years to come and strengthen energy security.

SSEN Distribution is now in a price control period, known as RIIO-ED2, that will run until 2028. As part of the agreement reached with the Regulator Ofgem for this period, we can apply for additional funding to pursue the development of the islands’ electricity networks.

In our application, we have assessed likely demand on the network in the Outer Hebrides. We have also considered the need for ongoing robust network resilience, the condition of existing sub-sea cables, and the need to move away from diesel generation as a back-up means of supplying electricity.  

The submission outlines our preferred whole system solutions for the Outer Hebrides, and the methodology we have used to assess each proposal.

To support this work, we asked the energy experts at Regen to collect and assess information around future electricity demand in the Outer Hebrides. The result of this research can be viewed here.

We will continue to develop these proposals and engage with stakeholders during this year and will provide a second regulatory submission in January 2025.

You can read the published submission documentation here.

In addition, we are also looking at options for how to further develop the networks in the Inner Hebrides and in Orkney ahead of a submission to the regulator next year.  These plans will be the focus of events taking place in February.  

On 29th February we will be hosting two webinars to provide an update on our proposals, and we invite the community and interested parties to give us their views and ask questions. Please register your interest using the links below.

If you have any further questions about this submission or our upcoming events, please email