During this period of severe winds and rain, SSEN’s teams worked in challenging conditions to quickly and safely repair faults on the network; restoring power to a total of 35,000 customers.   
In mobilising its response, SSEN deployed a 1,400-strong team to safely restore power at the earliest opportunity and to support customers throughout the storm, with over 3,200 calls taken and proactive calls made to Priority Services Register customers.

Additionally, customer relationship teams were on the ground in communities, where they checked on vulnerable residents and served over a thousand hot meals to those affected by power cuts.     

SSEN Distribution thanks residents for their help in identifying any ongoing isolated outages. Smart Meter data can now provide a useful indicator if someone’s supply has been reconnected, but if any customers are still without supplies and haven’t been contacted by us, please call SSEN on the freephone 105 number to report your fault. It may a very localised issue, not visible on central systems.  
As part of our support package for customers impacted by power cuts, people who have had no power for more than 12 hours are entitled to £30 per person for every day without power, to cover the cost of food and drink. People should keep hold of receipts and claim costs back at www.ssen.co.uk/stormclaim.   

SSEN is also grateful for the support provided by teams from its north of Scotland distribution area and contractor partners in responding to the storm.

If you see any damage to SSEN’s power equipment, please keep your distance. Do not touch it and instead report it to SSEN directly by calling 105, or via the Power Track App, and engineers will investigate as soon as possible.