7 November 2023

The teams from Yeovil were doing their bit as part of one of SSE’s ‘Volunteering’ days, which are designed to give something back to good causes in the communities our teams serve.

Stephen Knight and Pat Raymond, along with 30 colleagues from Yeovil depot, including members of our specialist inhouse tree-cutting team, worked alongside members of the North Dorset Railway Trust to remove diseased trees from the land; they also gave a signal box and some other railway buildings a much-needed lick of paint at Shillingstone Railway station, in the heart of rural Dorset. 

Stephen said:

“We’d never done charity work like this before, and the support and enthusiasm we got from colleagues who wanted to lend a hand was brilliant. There’s a great team spirit amongst everyone here in the depot, and a day like this strengthened that even further.”

Pat added:

“We achieved so much more than we had initially set out to.  But in the process, we boosted depot morale and bonded more than we have in years.  And we reminded the public how much SSEN Distribution cares about local projects and what’s going on in the areas where we work”.

Julie McKavanagh from SSE’s Volunteering and Charity Employee Engagement Team, said:

“Our Volunteering initiative is all about empowering our colleagues to help and support local charities and good causes in their area, and this work that everyone did in Yeovil is a fantastic example of the programme in action.”